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Fixed Rate Bonds August 2018 Forecast

As at 27 July, SA Government bond yields have reduced by between 0.10% and 0.14% since the end of June 2018. Given that RSB rates are set off these rates…
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Retail Savings Bonds have crushed all Bond and Income funds over the past 10 years

Retail Savings Bonds ("RSBs") are not only the safest interest rate investments available to Retail investors, but have also consistently and comprehensively outperformed all Bond and Income funds over the…
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New to RSA Retail Savings Bonds?

The Fixed Rate bonds have a fantastic option to re-start, which means that not only do you enjoy the benefits of a fixed rate should interest rates fall after you…
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Fixed Rate RSA Retail Savings Bonds
What makes them great Investments

An investor looking to maximise the interest rate they can receive, typically faces the following dilemmas:: If she invests in a fixed rate bond, she knows what she will get…
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Is my money safe in RSA Retail Bonds?

"I’d rather give my money to Old Mutual than to the Government - the Government is likely to steal it” It is hard not to be discouraged by much of…
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RSA Retail Bonds for the over-60s

Always take interest monthly rather than semi-annually Over-60s have the option of receiving interest monthly, and the advantages of this are: The interest rates are the same, and cash early…
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Over 60 and wanting to invest for 2 or 3 years?

Better rates are often available via early redemption of bonds paying interest monthly (September 2017) Once a bond has been held for 12 months, it can be redeemed at a…